Meet Jive

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First impressions matter. And the first meeting with a prospective new client can be make-or-break. That's why we worked with Jive to develop strategy, messaging and presentation materials that their reps rely upon for a successful first meeting; an approach that gets them an invitation to the next round. See what our client has to say about the future of work, by reading this article by Elisa Steele.

Statera Fitness Business Improvement

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As a strategic partner of Statera Fitness, we were thrilled to be able to lead a couple of high school Senior interns on a project to improve and update business systems. Dealing with disparate systems and redundant information sources, our interns built a member database, and then moved into demographic statistics about those members. We then taught the interns how to conduct a competitive assessment in the Twin Cities metro area.

Understanding our member base helps us to communicate with them, as well as to understand how to market to prospective members. Ask us how we’ve helped other clients to segment and target customers!

SPA Spring Party

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Lorem Ipsum is proud to add our creative flair whenever possible to event branding. For St. Paul Academy’s Spring Party, we were asked to create a mood for the event and then spread it across all the necessary elements: website, invitation and decor.

Spring Cleaning

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Managing digital content is no small task. Even with collaborative working tools and file-sharing platforms it’s easy to end up with several versions of documents and old files posted to your resource library. The Lorem Ipsum team spent this week helping an industrial HVAC client with an “intranet spring cleaning.” We moved the metaphorical furniture and swept in all the nooks and crannies. The result? A well organized and streamlined asset repository for corporate marketing and field sales alike.

Interested in taking the same look at your content? Call us today to learn how we can help capitalize on existing assets and whip your files into shape!

Probono Work Always Pays Off

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Lorem Ipsum is proud to have created the visual identity for the Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation (MCCRF). The founders of MCCRF hosted an incredibly successful inaugural gala, the Semicolon Soiree, a fundraising gala to support the Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation, which took place in early March at the Town and Country Club in St. Paul.

Over the course of the engagement, Lorem Ipsum helped to plan the event, manage the guest list, and worked closely with the founder of MCCRF, Sandy Muschenheim, creating both identity systems and corresponding print collateral: signage, auction posters, invitations, programs, bookmarks, thank you notes and envelopes.

The number of volunteers who came forth for this effort was considerable. We are grateful for our collaborators: Storystick Marketing, comedian Brenda Elsagher and event coordinator Stefanie Hansen.

Thanks to the generous sponsors who made this event possible: St. Paul Radiology, Minnesota Gastroenterology, and Minneapolis Radiology.

Semicolon Soiree—Why the name? A semicolon is a place in a sentence where the writer has the decision to stop with a period but chooses not to; the semicolon is a reminder to pause, and then keep going. In the context of Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation, the Semicolon Soiree begs the question about what it means to pause, and then keep going...

Brand Launch for Musolf’s Wood Flooring

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Brand Activation: the work of bringing a Brand to life, in the experience of employees, channel partners and customers. That's what we've been working on with Musolf's Wood Flooring.Brand strategy, complete. Internal launch, complete. Brand activation, in progress.

PoolPak – Full Rebrand

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What's in a logo? Our work with the leadership team at PoolPak focused on answering that question. With strategy work complete we designed and worked with PoolPak to launch a new logo, identity system, a guide for use, messaging architecture and a complementary collateral system.The binding element for all of it being the logo; a form of shorthand that when structured and managed correctly, conveys with consistency the promise of PoolPak products and people.

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